Workshops & Training

Teacher Training

Motivate your teachers to inspire students with a new set of creative teaching techniques and tools. Schedule a staff professional development training.

In Tampa, FREE 30-minute training with the purchase of Exploracise products (minimum 20 balls).

Parent Workshops

Guiding parents on how to help their children LOVE to learn math based on the eBook, Couch Potato to Mathematician in 5 Simple Steps. Providing tools and strategies for their child’s lifelong success.


Lots of GREAT ideas to quickly implement in a classroom

K. Sardegna1st Grade Teacher

Great for kinesthetic learners

M. SedaESOL Resource Teacher

The brain breaks & games were awesome!

D. Larkin1st Grade Teacher

It was a fun informative workshop that I can use with my students.”

C. BurkhardK-5th Gifted

I loved seeing how to integrate math and exercise – in brain break activities

E. CadizIntegrated 1st Grade

Organizations, schools, recreations centers interested in bringing workshops or training to your location, please contact Exploracise at