In-Class Field Trips

Math & Movement comes to YOUR Location!

Bring a fun, math-themed program to your school, organization or event. A 50-55 minute Education Staycation™ brings learning to life through innovative activities. Schedule multiple sessions in a row to include every class from preschool through 5th grade.

Math Stars

Kids enjoy fun, active educational games to reinforce critical math facts. Freeze Dance, Simon Says and Follow the Leader are just a few of the games transformed into math learning activities.

Weather Wonderland

Kids explore the world of weather through counting and shapes from symmetrical snowflakes to cone shaped twisting tornadoes. From season to season, math facts are sprinkled in between the rain drops and sunshine.

Animal Adventures

Kids explore the animal kingdom from the jungle to the farm through fun math games.  Moo-vement brings math to life during a safari pattern walk, farm animals freeze dance and much more. Watch the kids Go Wild with Math!


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