About Exploracise®

Exploracise® is a leader in innovative educational techniques to get kids exercising their minds and bodies.  Fun Wise® Exercise is the unique Exploracise methodology that incorporates cutting edge brain research to develop programs that provide the optimal learning experiences for increased academic performance and physical activity.  The award winning products and programs are fun educational games that integrate playful learning with healthy exercise meeting or exceeding State and National Standards.

All ages from as young as age 1 to as young at heart as age 91 can enjoy and benefit from the fun educational games.  Exploracise® provides great value to families, educators and professionals with programs that combine physical activity and learning through Fun Wise® Exercise. Award Winning solutions for your kids!!

About Fun Wise® Ms Carrie

Fun Wise Ms Carrie
Carrie Scheiner
CEO & Founder of Exploracise®

Carrie Scheiner was inspired by her own children to develop the first Exploracise® program that creatively teaches math facts during a complete workout.

Ms. Carrie founded Exploracise® bringing her math education background, passion for helping children and corporate expertise together to develop solutions for quality screen time, increased physical activity and kids education.

I am very passionate about helping kids develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle

Carrie ScheinerCEO & Founder - Exploracise®

About Adam J Scheiner, MD

Dr. Scheiner
Co-Founder of Exploracise®

As a physician, Dr. Scheiner understands the critical impact that obesity has on our society and long-term health issues.

The statistics are staggering that one in three children are overweight or obese. The health conditions that are typically found in adults are showing up in children as early as age 10 or sooner. A variety of solutions need to be available to families, teachers and physicians to help combat this epidemic.

Dr. ScheinerCo-Founder - Exploracise®